Low-Power Picosecond IR(Green) Ultra-fast Lasers

• <10 picosecond pulses
• Long term power stability <3%rms
• High beam quality with M2≤1.3
• Serial Interface


Parameters Olive-532-4 Olive-1064-10
Average Power >4W@200KHz >10@500KHz
Wavelength 532nm 1064nm
Pulse Width <10ps <10ps
Pulse Repetition Rate 50kHz-300kHz 100kHz-1000kHz
Spatial Mode M2≤1.3 M2≤1.3
Pulse Energy >20μJ@500kHz >20μJ@200kHz
Working Material Nd:YVO4 Nd:YVO4
Beam-pointing <50μrad <50μrad
Beam Roundness ≥85% ≥90%
Beam Diameter ≤2mm ≤2mm
Beam Divergence ≤2mrad ≤3mrad
Pulse Stability ≤2%rms ≤2%rms
Long-Term Stability ≤3% ≤3%
Ambient Temperature 18-35℃ 18-35℃
Cooling Water Water
Polarization Ratio Vertical, >100:1 Horizontal, >100:1
Power Consumption 1000W 1000W
Classification Class 4 Class 4

The Huaray-Olive series, Low-power Picosecond Ultra-fast Lasers (10W@1064nm, 4W@532nm), Robust and affordable, it produces high energy pulses with durations below 10 ps. The laser is based on a hybrid optical amplifier architecture that combines the advantages of fiber laser technology with solid state diode pumped multi-pass amplifiers. Compact and water-cooled, this laser is low maintenance and never needs realignment. special specification can be customized, this laser is ideal for fast, high precision material processing at an affordable price.


They are widely used in Ceramic Processing, Glass Dicing and Cutting, Medical Plastic Processing, Sapphire Processing, Steel Processing and so on.