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About Us

Attodyne manufactures state-of-the-art picosecond lasers for micromachining, material processing, and research. Attodyne’s compact, air-cooled ultrafast lasers set a new standard in turnkey operation, reliability and ease of integration. In addition to a suite of standard cold processing laser systems, we also provide custom solutions and application development/prototyping services. View Details...

About Huaray

Wuhan Huaray Precision Laser Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of DPSS Lasers, which specializes in R & D and production of all solid-state lasers. The full series of Huaray lasers have fully independent intellectual property rights.

Visit www.huaraylaser.com

Ultra-fast Lasers
Olive-532-4 Olive-1064-10
Ultra-fast Lasers
Olive-1064-20 Olive-1064-30
Ultra-fast Lasers